Ready to Quit?

How do you know when you’ve tried hard enough?

When you’ve succeeded.

There are times when we need to change our course, but there is no time to surrender.

In a few days, I’ll be participating in a blog hop for authors. As I went through my list of fellow writers on Twitter, I visited their websites, some I hadn’t been on for quite a while.

There was a particular writer I had in mind who seemed to be a kindred spirit. I remembered a tweet from her, from over a year ago, when she had received her first full request from an agent. She had been so excited!

Sadly, when I went to check on her very elaborate and beautiful website, it had been abandoned. She hadn’t posted since 2011. I hope everything is okay, and that she hasn’t given up on her dream.

A member of my writing group recently said after her latest rejection, “My mind tells me to be a warrior, but my heart is weaker.” I told her I knew in a short time, her heart would catch up. She is a warrior, and I have no doubt she will make it.

Staying the course is hard. Like the saying goes, if you feel you’ve reached the end of your rope, tie a knot in it, and hold on!

Wishing you all the stamina you need to pursue your dreams!

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